Customized fight wear with your logo or design. All sizes and styles available. Made with Thai craftsmanship, these Muay Thai shorts offer both comfort and style.

100% polyester, it has side slits that allow you to perform a wide range of movement without restriction.

Its traditional elastic waistband will keep well positioned around your waist no matter what.

Also, it has a beautiful design enhanced with colorful hand sewn embroidery.

Women Muay Thai

  • Fitness Ladies Muay Thai MMA Shorts


    • Made up of High Quality Moisture Wicking Satin Fabric 
      Beautiful Design with Laser Cutting Applic work
      Anotomic Cut at Thai area allows perfect Moveability and strength duing high  kicks 
      Professional 4" elasticated waist bands with overall Durable T3 stitchings 
      Long Lasting and Durable Design

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