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Australia Vs New Zealand, Australia won by 86 runs

Australia won by 86 runs
Australia won by 86 runs

Cricket World Cup 2019, ODI 37 of 48 is completed right now. It was a fascinating game between Australia Vs New Zealand. We predicted that the chance of Australia to win was more. So, we all know that results are out now and today, Australia has listed their victory in this world cup. They have won the match by 86 runs. What a spectacular victory. Now, they are positioned at the first position in the points table.

Australia made 243/5 in today’s game and Khawaja collected a patient score of 88 runs in the top order. Finch was run-out at 8 by Trent and he took total 4 wickets. Warner was out at 16 by Ferguson at his first ball and he got 2 wickets.

Steve Smith was able to make only 5 runs and was sent back to the pavilion by a stunning catch by Guptill. At this moment, Kangaroos found themselves stuck at 46 for 3. Stoinis tried to stay longer on the pitch but was able to give 21 runs. Then soon, Maxwell also went back at 1 only. Australia was in crisis at 92/5 and they were feeling helpless. Carey came and gave a brilliant score of 71 runs for the team with the help of Khawaja.

Guptill and Henry took a nice start from New Zealand’s side and both played well on the balls of Starc and Behrendorff. But sooner, Henry went off the ground at 8 runs only and then Kane joined Guptill. Right after Henry, the team lost the second wicket of Guptill at 20 runs. In the 16th over, the team made only 47/2.

Kane and Taylor tried to make some runs together where Kane made 40 runs and was near to complete a half-century. He was out on the ball of starc and he took total 5 wickets today. Taylor was also out on 30 runs and when wickets started to fall off Behrendorff contributed with two and Lyon, Smith and Cummins contributed with one wicket each.

New Zealand was able to make only 157 runs and it was not a good performance given by them.

The batting line was very poor and no one was expecting such a bad presentation from them. All the bowlers of Australia gave a tough time for the entire team. Their fans are very disappointed right now after watching the results.

It does not matter, what the results are, both teams tried to play well and the Australian fans are satisfied with their performances. They were already nominated to play in the semifinals. It is the time to cherish the winning team because they did well today.

Now, tomorrow, on 30 June 2019, Sunday, a fight between Indian and England is going to take place. The world is waiting to watch who will win.

Anyway, this was the result for today and we have done our job to keep you updated with the accurate results. Turn back to our page for having more wonderful and exhilarating results about this ongoing World cup.

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