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India vs New Zealand, Match abandoned without a ball bowled

India vs New Zealand
India vs New Zealand

Today was the day when the match was scheduled between India and New Zealand at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday.

The idea of both sides aligning against each other is very stimulating but the possibility of it actually taking place is another?

This world cup has already confirmed it to be the most-rain-effected edition in the history resulting in three washouts already. Two in a row and today, the weather once again hit the ground before the match began. The weather was not well and it rained almost entire Tuesday and it did not improve on Wednesday too. Kiwis and Indian team both have missed their practice match session because, in the initial hours of Wednesday, the rain decided to give them some rest. To make the matter worst, according to the forecast, 90% chances were expecting rain.

For the Indian team, there was not only one issue to deal with, but the news of Shikhar Dhawan’s thumb injury also promises to come as an immense trauma to the squad. His brilliant performance in the ICC tournaments is not hidden from anyone. Although he was under observation, it was confirmed that in Thursday’s match, he will not participate.

As for New Zealand, from this point, their real test starts. The game against India was considered to be tough and challenging but in the coming matches, it will become tougher but things can turn around at any moment.

After the final inspection at 7:30 pm, the umpires did not find the circumstances suitable for the game to start and they decided to abandon it. Now, both teams are sharing the same point each. The ground staff of the Trent Bridge cricket stadium was kept busy by the stop-start rain while the umpires approved that the match was called off after a number of inspections.

Tournament coordinators have faced condemnation over their poor event planning after two washouts and one match with no results. They are criticized for forcing the teams to share one point each. Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes raised the question of why the standby days were not factored. To answer his question, the International Cricket Council chief executive David Richardson said that reserve days would be tremendously complex to deliver for each match.

Cricket lovers all around the world were super excited and were sitting in front of the screens to watch the match. Everyone was so disappointed after hearing this news of the match being called off. Worry not because this season has not finished yet and there are many chances to feel the eagerness on the peak. Stay motivated and support your favorite team because the fans are their real support.

Next ICC Cricket World Cup match is going to be held on June 14, Friday between West Indies and England. In both teams, England is stronger than the other. Now let’s see how the weather will behave tomorrow. Stay tuned with us for having all the news related to the world cup. We are dedicated to making this world cup season exciting for you by giving you timely updates.

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