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Customized design and branding. All sizes available.

Kyokushinkai karate Gi


This suite is designed for the practitioner who makes high demands on the Kyokushin karate Gi


- Jacket of 100% Canvas Cotton and pants of 100% Twill cotton

- Color:All different shades

- Kyokushin kanji fully embroidered on the jacket in navy blue.

- The Kyokushinkai karate jacket has 3/4 length sleeves

- Pants with traditional drawstring waist.


Optional embroidery:
1. Embroidery on the jacket and/or pants of your new Karate suit.

2. Embroidery of your organization on your GI.

To add embroidery to your order, you can request. 

Notice:This Karate suit is quite spacious, you may want to take this into consideration when you are going to order a new Karate suite.

Kyokushinkai Kimonos


These model kimono karate kyokushin designed specifically for this style allowing for the Kyokushin techniques. Cropped sleeves with extra stitching provide usability techniques punches, elongated, wide trousers conceal leg position, opening opportunities striking technique feet. High quality embroidery logo on the sleeve style and Jindo chest form a classic look for kimono Kyokushin created master Oyama.

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